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Todo App with Financial Motivator

What is this startup?

Users can create a Todo list and assign themselves and/or family members tasks to complete. Each task can be given a dollar (other currency) value and for each task completed, that user gets the amount placed in his ‘bank’. The user’s bank can be transferred offline to the user from the account owner. Basically a novel way to track children’s chores and allowance, and financially motivate one’s self to complete more.

Why did I decide to make this startup?

I really suck at completing things. I’m hoping that financial motivation will help me complete tasks in a more timely fashion. I also have two young boys and they are approaching the ages where they can do more chores around the house. Allowing the boys to learn they can earn money for the work they do (i.e. an allowance) is a great teaching opportunity to instill work ethic and a value for money – which is harder to do these days since many of us don’t even carry cash to show our children what money actually is.

How do I plan to make money from this startup?

  1. Subscriptions
    • Subscribers will pay monthly fee, they can still use their credit card to charge for completed tasks. If these tasks are completed on time, these funds will be placed in user specified accounts – a great way to reward yourself/kids to finish tasks on time

      HOWEVER, if tasks remain incomplete after deadline, no charges are made – funds are not transferred to the user, nor to me. The only detriment to not completing tasks for a subscribed user is that they don’t get to increase their ‘bank’ – I make nothing from uncompleted tasks for subscribed users.

  2. Charges for unfinished Todo’s
    • Unsubscribed Users can attach a credit card to their account to charge when they accomplish their tasks. These charges can then be transferred to a designated savings/checking account of the USER – a great way to reward yourself/kids to finish tasks on time.

      For Todo’s that are unfinished by their deadlines, an unsubscribed user’s credit card will still be charged BUT the funds will be transferred to me – a financial incentive to get things done on time!

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