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Reading Club Community

What is this startup?

Allow users to create personal reading lists and share and track their progress as they read through their lists. Members can chat with other users, form groups (‘book clubs’) to discuss books, and receive ‘points’ for reading streaks, finishing books and their list, etc. Provide a ‘leaders board’ of users who have read the most books so users can judge their progress and provide motivation to continue reading more.

Why did I decide to make this startup?

I enjoy reading, but like most working adults and parents with busy schedules, struggle to find time to 1. read, and 2. find like-minded people to discuss the books I DO read. I recently read that every one minute per day you read equals one book per year. So, the number of minutes per day that you devote to reading roughly equates to the number of books you will read in a given year. Given the proper motivation, I can finally get through my backlog of dusty books. But what good is reading all of those books if you have no one to talk about them with? I don’t have the time in my schedule (nor do I have the desire, really) to find or form a physical book club centered around the King Arthur legends or European Art. Even if I did, where would I find such like-minded awesome people near me? Building an online forum/chat/Slack group devoted to these subjects sound much easier 🙂

How do I plan to make money from this startup?

  • Subscriptions
  • Advertisements
    • Ads for top selling books
    • amazon referrals

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Pending Habit Former 0 0 / 0
Pending Meal Planner and Recipe Keeper 0 0 / 0
Pending Thousand Days To Success 0 0 / 0
Pending Honeymoon Gifting App 0 0 / 0
Pending Todo App with Financial Motivator 0 0 / 0
Nov 19, 2020 Zero to Century 26 0 / 0
Pending Remote Job Board 0 0 / 0
Pending Meal Expense Tracker 0 0 / 0
Pending Virtual Tour Guides 0 0 / 0
Pending Web Development Tutorials 0 0 / 0
Pending Reading Club Community 0 0 / 0
Pending Soccer Club Site WordPress theme 0 0 / 0
Pending Scout Achievement Tracker 0 0 / 0
Building European Trip Planner 0 0 / 0
Pending Hostel WordPress Theme 0 0 / 0
Building Fitness Challenge 0 0 / 0
Pending Family Social Web App 0 0 / 0
Pending Tour Company WordPress Theme 0 0 / 0
Pending Startup MVP Duel 0 0 / 0
Pending Gift Wish List 0 0 / 0
Pending Soccer Score Picker 0 0 / 0
Pending Kids Learning and Chores 0 0 / 0
TOTAL: 26 0 / 0  

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