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4 months of indiehacking and I am having regrets

I’ve been building a web app that i hope will be ‘NomadList + Indiehackers’ specifically for European travels: Eurotripr.com.

I quit my job 4 months ago to work on it (have a year’s worth of savings to survive on), and have been trying to build out this site with curated data on European destinations and itineraries.

I took stock over the weekend and realized a few things:

1. I should have finished a usable MVP 2+ months ago
2. I don’t have an end in sight
3. I haven’t even started the hard part of promoting it

Now I’m beginning to doubt myself and wondering whether or not to continue, pivot, scrap.

I have believed in this site as an idea and half-hearted project for over 10 years. But now that I have finally taken the leap to focus solely on it, I find myself floundering still.

I’m starting to let the all too familiar doubts and regrets creep into my mind. I’m sure the problem of finding and planning a trip to Europe exists (especially with COVID restrictions still lingering) and my solution can help solve a small piece of it, but I am starting to doubt that I am the one to solve it. These thoughts usually creep in just before I shelf or scrap a project – I’ve done that with this one MANY times over the years. It’s compounded because of family obligations and the need to bring in income as I see my savings get smaller each month.

I fear going back to a 9-5 or even taking side jobs that will take my focus off Eurotripr and push back an already delayed launch.

I’ve found myself procrasti-working on other projects, household and web.

I’m going to keep pushing through, but when and how do I decide ‘enough is enough’ and scrap this if I can’t even get a usable MVP out the door in four months? I originally thought I could do the 12 months 12 projects challenge or at least 1 project per month until one gained traction, but I can’t even get a single one out the door in 4.

Any tips on reevalutaing a project that is taking longer than you anticipated and deciding what features to eliminate or whether to pivot or scrap your baby?

Thanks for the read – sometimes it feels good just to talk to someone about these feeling of fear and worry.

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