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Remote Job Board

What is this startup?

A job board targeting job seekers looking for remote work. Aggregates remote job offers from other job platforms via APIs and display them with links back to the original job board. Allow companies to post jobs directly on the site.

Why did I decide to make this startup?

As a fallback to building a successful startup, I would like to work remotely so that I can spend more time at home with my family. However, finding remote jobs on most mainstream job sites is difficult. With the growing popularity and population of digital nomads, there is a market of job seekers looking for remote-specific work. Aggregating such jobs and allowing companies a centralized place to post such location-independent opportunities would make the process of finding remote-work much simpler for the new generation of the global workforce.

How do I plan to make money from this startup?

  • Offer companies a way to post their remote jobs for a daily/monthly/quarterly cost per job post. Offer reduced rates for multiple job posts per company.
  • Subscription based for job applicants? Non-members pay $x to apply for X number of jobs, ex: $5 -> 5 jobs. Members pay nominal monthly subscription and can apply for unlimited jobs (ex: $5 per month billed quarterly ($15)). Why charge applicants? To weed out unqualified applicants to job postings. The idea is to get more qualified applicants to companies. If a user has to pay for job application, they are less likely to apply for unqualified jobs. Subscribers can log in and see curated list of jobs for them and be emailed daily of job post updates that fit their targeted job requirements. Would users even pay for this?
  • Subscription / per instance cost for companies to view job applicant profiles and message applicants directly.

MVP Features

  • Pull job posts from external job boards
  • List jobs by categories
  • Filter aggregated jobs for ONLY remote jobs
  • Link Jobs Posts back to original job board
  • Allow companies to post their jobs on site
  • Stripe payment for on-site posted jobs
  • Allow applicants to create profiles with contact info, photo, summary, skillset
  • Hide applicant details from companies that have not subscribed/paid
  • Capture Applicant emails
  • Set up email notice of newest jobs to send applicants daily/weekly
  • Match candidates to qualified jobs
  • Notify applicants of matched job postings
  • Notify subscribed companies of matched applicants

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