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Meal Planner and Recipe Keeper

What is this startup?

Store favorite recipes and create menus from selected recipes for weekly meals. Invite family members to rate recipes so that you know which recipes to keep and which to remove. Include gamification for eating and preparing meals. Basically a novel way for users to curate favorite recipes and schedule meals they like, gameification is for helping children eat new / more diverse meals and family chefs to prepare more meals in the home.

Why did I decide to make this startup?

I love to cook but get home late from work daily. My wife likes having meals planned for the week that are quick and easy to prepare so she can get our boys fed at a reasonable time. My kids can be fussy eaters. I’m building this to help us plan and prepare better meals weekly that our kids will enjoy, that I will enjoy cooking, and that are ready to go for my wife when our kids get home from school. Gamifying the process will help me be more diligent preparing and cooking, and my boys more likely to view trying new food as a fun game.

How do I plan to make money from this startup?

  1. Subscription based
    • Free users can browse meal library, create personal meal plans, and rate meals, but can not add meals, invite family members, share meal plans, or use gamification/meal award incentives
    • Subscribed users can browse meal library, create shareable meal plans, rate meals, add meals, invite family members, allow family members to rate meals, and use gamification/meal award incentives
  2. Allow users to curate a family cookbook, self publish (via shutterfly? possible?) and allow for purchase on the site?

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