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Meal Expense Tracker

What is this startup?

Users can track the cost of the meals they eat out so they have a better idea of what they spend and can reduce this spending by setting weekly and/or monthly budgets to spend within.

Why did I decide to make this startup?

My family thinks I have a very expensive coffee and lunch habit. Even I get surprised at the end of each month when I see my credit card statement and it shows a VERY high food expenditure. I hope by tracking these lunch and coffee expenses, I can more proactively reduce them – and help others do the same.

How do I plan to make money from this startup?

Users can set monthly budgets for spending. If they go over this budget, their credit cards are charged by this overage amount and the funds go to me. Essentially this becomes a double hit since they spent more than they planned AND now have to pay the same amount of their over-spending to me. This becomes a direct financial incentive to stay within budget each month.

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