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Honeymoon Gifting App

What is this startup?

A honey fund app for couples to set up registries for honeymoon gifts/home purchases/ etc instead of traditional wedding gifts/cash cards. This could be tweaked to be used for birthdays, Christmas, baby showers, etc.

Why did I decide to make this startup?

I had a friend create a custom honey fund for my wedding. It worked well and even guests who were not comfortable giving cash-only gifts were happy to contribute to our Honeymoon requests.

How do I plan to make money from this startup?

  • Advertising: Allow Wedding merchants (florists, venues, DJs, caterers, etc) to place ads and URLs on site and target users in / near their postal codes and Cities.
  • Fee: Users can pay a one-time fee to avoid ads.
  • Commissions: % of gifted monies payable by the gift giver.

(I don’t think a monthly / annual subscription would be appropriate since the very nature of this type of app is meant for a single event and most people do not spend more than a single year to plan such events.)

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