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Habit Former

Building and Breaking Habits is Hard

I’m building an app to help you make it easier.

What is this startup?

List of habits you want to form or break. Each habit is given a reward item ($$, snack, activity, etc) Each day you select whether you were successful in doing/avoiding the habit. Each 21-day streak per habit you are rewarded with a badge and an ok to reward yourself with the reward item for this habit. Basically, you are paying yourself to build / break a habit. Ideally, there would be an objective 3rd party (friend/family) invited to confirm each day the habit was built/broken, but cheating only hurts the user in the long run.

Why did I decide to make this startup?

I am a creature of habit – typically bad habits. I really suck at changing my habits and am a slave to them. I am hoping that tracking them daily and providing tangible rewards for motivation will help me break bad habits and form new good ones.

How do I plan to make money from this startup?

Each month, if the user does not have a 21-day streak for a given habit, he/she will forfeit whatever his/her reward value is. If cash, that amount will be charged to his/her credit card and I will receive that amount.

Since users can set motivation rewards as anything they want ($$, snack, activity, etc), this can be used freely by users. Free users will be capped at 1 habit per month, however.

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