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European Trip Planner

What is this startup?

An online gathering place for backpackers, students, and families traveling to Europe to share trip ideas, download trip itineraries, book local tours, trains, accommodations, airfare, connect with other travelers, budget for their trips, store and share their trip details, and a lot more.

This is the grand-daddy of my ideas – the largest and the one closest to my heart. This is the project I should have focused on 20 years ago and should be the one that is providing me my financial freedom now. Maybe I should solely focus on this and not any of the others, but since I have never completed this project, I am going to follow the advice of successful makers, and launch multiple projects, still hoping this will gain traction.

Why did I decide to make this startup?

In 1999 I backpacked for 3 months during the summer through Western Europe for (on average) $34 per day. I loved it. To say I have been obsessed with affordable European travel ever since would be an extreme understatement.

I want to help others travel through Europe to experience the cultures and history of the various countries before these countries become too homogenized, English-speaking, and our American influence forever destroys the beautiful languages and culture of these individual places. More importantly, I want to help people travel abroad to meet and be influenced by people from outside their own ethnocentric hometowns. I strongly believe global travel breaks down walls and opens our eyes and minds to the reality that everyone in this world deserves equality and no one culture is better than another.

How do I plan to make money from this startup?

  1. Subscription-based
    • Unsubscribed users can view travel advice and use booking services. They can not join in the conversation via Chat. They can not provide user content/advice, but CAN vote up or down on the helpfulness of user content and itineraries. They do not receive any discounts on bookings. They can not create shareable / public itineraries. They CAN create personal itineraries and travel plans. They can not collaborate with other users.
    • Subscribed users get a % discount on all bookings. They can participate in Chat conversations. They can provide user content / advice. They can collaborate on trip planning with other users (only one users needs to be subscribed to do this: the ‘Tour Leader’). Can share and make public their itineraries for others to view, vote on and use. And more (to be determined). They can upload photos and videos of their trip (to a max GB). THey can auto blog their trip. They can post to Social media accounts from the app.
  2. Booking Commissions
    • Users can book local tours, trains, accommodations, airfare, more (?)
    • Unsubscribed users pay 5% on top of booking and fees
    • Subscribed users pay 2% on top of bookings and fees
  3. Scrap Books
    • Users can take the media and/or blog entries from their trip and auto curate a scrap book for purchase (via Shuttterfly (?) or other API (?), manual by me via shutterfly?

10 startup ideas - what should I work on?

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